Why Eltete LTT toilet partition walls are the best choices for Arenas?

Eltete LTT 24 urinal partition walls

WHY ELTETE LTT TOILET CUBICLES AND SANITARY PARTITION WALLS ARE THE BEST CHOICES FOR ARENAS? Arenas and similar facilities are always in need of sanitary toilet cubicles and urinal partition walls due to the high volume of traffic they get within short periods. The partition walls need to be tough enough to stand up to […]

Attributes of Eltete Sanitary partition walls for public toilets

Eltete sanitary partition walls for public toilets

ATTRIBUTES OF ELTETE SANITARY PARTITION WALLS FOR PUBLIC TOILETS Eltete Oy designs and manufactures different types of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) partition walls for public spaces such as schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, airports, gyms, shopping malls, and other public places. In addition to working efficiently to resist the high traffic, partition wall systems for public toilets […]