Eltete Oy designs and manufactures different types of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) partition walls for public spaces such as schools, hospitals, hotels, offices, airports, gyms, shopping malls, and other public places. In addition to working efficiently to resist the high traffic, partition wall systems for public toilets must provide a safe, clean and comfortable space for users.

With that in mind, Eltete Oy’s partition wall system is based on 4 fundamental attributes to ensure the well-being of the user: Ventilation, Safety, Freshness, Hygiene, and Design.

Eltete -Ventilated partition wall


When a cubicle is completely closed, unpleasant smells can linger. The design of LTT partition walls, with gaps at the top and bottom, accelerates the exchange of air. Each time the door is opened, natural ventilation occurs, involving an exchange of air between the cubicle, the space, and the environment where it was built, quickly eliminating the odors. With air circulating easily, you feel fresh after using the space.

Attributes of Eltete Sanitary partition walls for public toilets, Eltete


Safety is a fundamental need e.g., for school and kindergarten toilet cubicles. Eltete’s partition walls system can accommodate differing door heights to meet supervision and privacy requirements of both younger and older children, as well as the all-important anti-finger trap hinges to prevent the fingers of children to get jammed by the door. 

Attributes of Eltete Sanitary partition walls for public toilets, Eltete


Eltete LTT partition walls are made of High-Pressure Laminate, a material with high resistance to water, domestic chemical agents, etc. Its surface does not retain dirt, so fungi and bacteria do not proliferate, keeping the user safe from contaminations.

Eltete - Relaxed partition wall


Eltete sanitary partition walls are long-lasting. Thanks to their properties, they are suitable for heavily used surfaces with high demands on hygiene. The surface is extremely easy to clean, ensuring that the user leaves the restroom with a lasting positive impression and a good sense of freshness.

Attributes of Eltete Sanitary partition walls for public toilets, Eltete


Sometimes, the only place a person has an opportunity to be alone, relax, close their eyes for a few minutes, and breathe is in the toilet cubicle. Therefore, when planning a restroom for a public facility, it is important that the decoration of the environment brings comfort, and that its cubicles offer total privacy for the user to relax while using it. Eltete partition wall system offers to the user their private retreat.

Less costs and privacy

Eltete’s durable HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) partition walls for public toilets are ideal and suitable for heavy traffic. Besides dividing each toilet to provide a safe and confidential experience, HPL partition is a perfect solution for public restrooms that have been poorly designed without privacy from view or sound. Privacy is also guaranteed by ensuring that the cubicle doors all have working locks.

With Eltete’s LTT partition walls, you have fewer costs. Building a space with lots of cubicles and floor-to-ceiling doors requires a more precise design, more material, and fans for each space. This would increase the total cost. Hygiene, Quality, durability, safety, and natural ventilation are guaranteed with our partitions. 

Eltete - privacy with partition walls
Cost-effective partition walls by Eltete

Eltete Oy’s HPL partition walls are the perfect solution for any facility looking to improve its environment. It will create a comfortable, private, and clean space for all users.

Eltete’s High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) is an extremely durable and versatile material suitable to fit any project’s budget.

Our sanitary partition walls for public toilets are available in many different colors or with digital print laminate surfaces.

Eltete LTT 24-toilet cubicle


Our partitions are available in several different colors or with digital printing laminate surfaces.

These color codes match Eltete Oy’s vision with the RAL and NCS codes. The color tone may actually differ from the color in the image. If you need other colors, color samples, please contact us.